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Compounding Curiosity

Jan 20, 2022

My guest today is Shinya Deguchi. Shinya is the founder of Star Magnolia Capital, a multi-family office and Co-Founder of Gen Z Group. Through Gen Z Group, Gen Z Media creates and promotes educational content (mainly in the medium of graphic novels) in Chinese-speaking regions which is today’s focus.

In today’s conversation, we cover Webtoons and Manga in the context of investor education. It’s a little different but an extremely interesting and exciting topic.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Shinya Deguchi.


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Show Notes:

[00:00:31] - [First question] - Shinya’s background

[00:03:47] - The influence of Makoto Maki

[00:08:00] - Shinya’s investing style and how that’s changed over time

[00:12:11] - Manga and Why start the Gen Z Group?

[00:24:14] - Early mistakes?

[00:31:07] - When comparing Manga and Webtoons compared to other mediums, why do it?

[00:32:21] - What Shinya wished he knew before starting this project 

[00:35:55] - And what’s next for Gen Z Group?

[00:39:10] - Anything else we haven’t covered and wrapping up




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