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Compounding Curiosity

Jul 1, 2021

My guest today is Michael Fritzell, author and owner of Asian Century Stocks. In this conversation, we cover the differences between investing in Europe and in Asia, some pros and cons of founding family companies and SOE's, and his process for writing his newsletter. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Michael Fritzell.
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Show Notes
[00:00:38] - Introduction
[00:02:54] - Why Michael moved to Asia
[00:06:09] - Being an analyst in Asia vs Europe
[00:09:51] - Eastern and Western culture
[00:12:11] - Why Asia fascinates him
[00:14:13] - What to avoid as an investor in Asia
[00:16:45] - Founding Family companies and SOE's
[00:20:45] - Potential war in the Asia-Pacific
[00:25:33] - Why Asian stocks tend to be cheaper
[00:27:36] - Why Michael started Asian Century Stocks
[00:31:55] - Advice on starting a newsletter
[00:36:27] - Most undervalued life experience?
[00:38:10] - What's influential in shaping Michael's worldview
[00:41:28] - What is Michael most curious about going forward?

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