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Compounding Curiosity

Sep 23, 2021

My guest today is Graham Rhodes (@longriver_hk). Graham is Head of Research at Capital For Business Ltd., a Hong Kong-based family office.  He writes through his blog Longriver and is also an organiser of ValueAsia, a non-profit community for students of value investing.


In this conversation, we cover Graham’s background growing up between Hong Kong and New Zealand; his journey as an investor; building a more resilient investment practice; the reasons not to invest in China; why he thinks Asian gaming companies are best positioned for the future; and his experiences working at a family office.  


I had a blast with this one so please enjoy my conversation with Graham Rhodes.


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Show Notes:

[00:00:37] - [First question] - Background

[00:03:26] - Was investing always Graham’s passion?

[00:04:43] - A lowest low in Graham’s investing journey?

[00:06:56] - Idea generation?

[00:09:45] - How does a community help in investing

[00:12:36] - Reasons not to invest in China

[00:17:36] - What does ambitious management look like

[00:19:27] - Gaming in Asia

[00:23:04] - Are the business models of gaming changing?

[00:27:20] - Regulation of gaming companies

[00:29:10] - Macro thoughts going forward

[00:31:54] - Longriver and working at a multi-family office

[00:33:44] - What’s a typical day look like?

[00:35:20] - Any misconceptions or misunderstandings about family offices?

[00:39:44] - Undervalued life experience?

[00:42:21] - What’s been influential in shaping Graham’s worldview?

[00:44:25] - If Graham was 18 again?

[00:46:07] - Plans for the future and wrapping up




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