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Compounding Curiosity

Feb 3, 2022

Today’s conversation is all about TSMC. We go deep into the chip development process from start to finish, the fabs they’re constructed in, TSMC's business model, the competitive landscape, and what the future may hold.

My guest today is Jon from Asianometry (@asianometry), creator of the hugely popular Asianometry YouTube channel where he posts video essays on business, technology, and history within Asia.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Jon from Asianometry on TSMC.


(For reference, this episode was recorded January 25, 2021)


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Show Notes:

[00:00:31] - [First question] - Some background on TSMC

[00:03:44] - The chip development process

[00:05:36] - The science behind it

[00:08:52] - What do the fabs look like?

[00:11:19] - Why do fabs need so much water?

[00:13:26] - Why are fabs getting bigger?

[00:14:46] - Apple and TSMC’s relationship

[00:16:24] - ASML and TSMC’s relationship

[00:20:41] - CAPEX, Competition and a potential glut?

[00:24:47] - Taiwan and TSMC’s relationship

[00:27:05] - Would Apple ever compete with TSMC?

[00:30:43] - TSMC Q4 Results and future plans

[00:35:48] - Why is TSMC so secretive around their fabs

[00:37:37] - Can the US feasibly compete in the semiconductor space?

[00:40:15] - Is Moore's law really dead?

[00:42:33] - Anything else that's consequential about TSMC's future?




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