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Compounding Curiosity

Nov 16, 2022

My guest today is John Huo (@stjohnhuo). John is the founder of VUCA Insights and currently creates investment-related content, for both corporate and retail clients. John also trains clients on industry metrics so they can evaluate businesses better. 

John has previously worked in engineering and management in the Oil & Gas industry, before eventually pursuing one of his earliest passions, investing in equities. 


In this super fun conversation, we go deep on the struggles of content creation, especially within the context of ASEAN.


I hope you enjoy my conversation with John Huo.


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Show Notes:

[00:00:31] - [First question] - John’s Background

[00:02:16] - Is starting over easier?

[00:05:57] - What is VUCA insights?

[00:09:30] - How did John decide on monetisation?

[00:13:41] - How hard was raising money?

[00:19:41] - How do you attract the clients you want or the clients you deserve?

[00:21:26] - How does content complement John’s work?

[00:30:50] - Developing community

[00:36:37] - YouTube strategy

[00:45:43] - Commonalities in creators 

[00:53:05] - Creating content for Asia

[00:58:27] - Wrapping up




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Kalani’s Notes:

At around 44:26 I mention David Senra had around 4,500 hours of podcast audio recorded. Massive mistake and terrible memory from me there, meant to say 450 odd hours of podcast audio. My bad!




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