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Compounding Curiosity

Dec 1, 2022

My guests today are Daye Deng and Balkar Sivia from Value Punks. 


Balkar has spent a decade investing globally, in the US, Indian, and other Emerging Markets. He is a CFA charterholder and has a degree in electrical engineering from University of British Columbia. 


Daye has focused on Asian equities in his career, having worked in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo. He is fluent in Japanese and Mandarin, is a CFA charterholder and has a degree in mathematics from the University of Toronto.


Together, they write and run Value Punks. Which is a publication focused on global stock research. Value Punks' aim is to provide independent, institutional-grade research on good and actionable ideas in a way that educates, informs, and importantly, helps build conviction.


In today’s conversation, we cover the story and origin behind Value Punks, Value investing and what it means, and touch on a few of their interesting ideas.


I hope you enjoy my conversation with Value Punks.


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Show Notes:

[00:00:31] - [First question] - Balkar’s Background

[00:05:07] - Daye’s Background

[00:07:04] - Explaining the Punk

[00:08:59] - Value Punks’ strengths compared to others

[00:11:51] - Differences being an independent writer vs at a large asset manager

[00:15:32] - How do you divide the work as a duo?

[00:19:09] - The case for investing in international stocks

[00:22:46] - Daye’s thoughts on Value Investing

[00:26:05] - Balkar on Emerging Market Banks

[00:31:28] - Daye on Hong Kong Exchange

[00:35:48] - Dealing with curveballs

[00:39:48] - Underrated skills

[00:42:29] - Influential books




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