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Compounding Curiosity

Sep 2, 2021

My guest today is Daniel Tabbush (@TabbushReport). Daniel is the founder of the Tabbush Report, a research publication analysing Asia-Pacific banks. Prior to launching the Tabbush Report, he was the Head of Asian Bank research at CLSA for most of his career, overseeing coverage of 80 banks and 10 analysts.

In this conversation, we dive deep into the Asian Financial Crisis, and the banking sector with ASEAN.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Daniel Tabbush.


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Show Notes:

[00:00:31] - [First question] - What was the Asian Financial Crisis like?

[00:03:42] - What really stood out during the AFC? 

[00:05:49] - On how Malaysia handled the AFC

[00:07:31] - How did bank behaviour change after?

[00:09:57] - Could this all happen again?

[00:11:27] - Some potential problems of today’s banking behaviour

[00:13:32] - The current Macro environment

[00:16:20] - Negative interest rates and their long-term impact 

[00:17:21] - Central bank policy

[00:19:15] - Currency debasement and the future value of fiat money

[00:20:52] - How does low credit and banking penetration in SEA affect valuing banking stocks

[00:22:51] - Analyzing ASEAN banks compared to developed nation banks

[00:25:33] - Do Neo banks and FinTech affect traditional banks in ASEAN going forward?

[00:26:48] - Risks and warnings when valuing banks

[00:30:02] - Preconditions for a multi-bagger bank stock?

[00:31:26] - Any specific risks in regards to smaller banks?

[00:33:04] - Particular ASEAN banks that Daniel likes currently

[00:36:20] - Geopolitical risks in HK and China and the follow on effects

[00:38:49] - Making the jump into doing his own research and consultancy

[00:41:07] - Most undervalued life experience?

[00:44:34] - Plans for the future? Most curious about going forward?




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