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Compounding Curiosity

Nov 2, 2022

My guest today is Kyla Scanlon (@kylascan). Kyla is a prominent TikTok and YouTube financial analyst, and also a good mate. I’ve known Kyla for a few years now so today’s chat is a good exploration of creator life and her growth over time. Fun fact: when I first started speaking with Kyla, we both had around 1,000 followers on Twitter. Since then, Kyla has skyrocketed to 140,000+ with me not far behind on 4,000!


In this conversation, we cover creator life from starting out to now, dealing with brands and sponsorships, and staying mentally healthy with a life online.

I had a blast, and hope you do too, so please enjoy my conversation with Kyla Scanlon.


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Show Notes:

[00:00:31] - [First question] - Introduction

[00:02:02] - When did things start to gain traction?

[00:03:25] - Which social media to focus on?

[00:06:53] - Outsourcing work?

[00:08:17] - Switching off from Social Media

[00:09:34] - Experimenting with content as you grow?

[00:12:21] - A day in the life of Kyla Scanlon

[00:14:00] - Monetisation approaches 

[00:15:19] - Dealing with brands

[00:19:37] - Do market swings affect Kyla’s content?

[00:21:15] - Dealing with unsavoury comments?

[00:24:30] - What Kyla wishes more people knew about her work

[00:26:38] - Importance of writing

[00:29:28] - Adopting long-form content into short form?

[00:31:16] - Getting young audiences to care about complex stuff?

[00:33:48] - Kyla’s company Bread

[00:37:25] - TikTok preferences

[00:38:58] - Influential people on Kyla’s journey?

[00:41:27] - Undervalued life experience?

[00:44:23] - Plans going forward and wrapping up




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