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Compounding Curiosity

Jul 22, 2021

My guest today is John Buchanan. John is a former coach of the Australian national cricket team, where he helped lead them to three world cup victories, a world record 16 consecutive test match victories, and is in my opinion, easily one of cricket's greatest ever coaches. I was a cricket tragic growing up, so John was the bee's knees being able to lead one of Australia's greatest ever cricket teams.
In this conversation, we cover leadership, differences between sporting and corporate teams, and getting people to buy into your message.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with John Buchanan.


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Show Notes:

[00:00:33] - [First question] - Introduction and Background

[00:10:00] - Getting people to buy into your mission

[00:18:16] - Assessing leaders without relying on results-based outcomes

[00:19:35] - Leveraging differences of players

[00:21:24] - Shelf lives of coaches

[00:23:32] - Differences in managing bigger squads

[00:26:12] - What to avoid as a leader

[00:29:18] - Corporate world vs Sports world

[00:34:44] - [Final Question] What’s John’s Everest?




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